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Hey lovely,

So, I think I haven't posted here for months now. I'm working crazy hours and I spend most of my time..well in the air, or in my bed. Basically I'm either in my uniform or in my pajamas, no in between. The past few months have been very hectic, busy & challe...

Hey lovely

As I promised, another gluten-corn-soy-dairy free pizza. Since the toppings are optional it can easily be a vegan pizza as well since you don't need eggs for the dough. Super fast, super tasty and crunchy!

Let's see the recipe

So the way how I love my pizza:...

Hey lovely,

As I promised I'm trying to bring something new to the table whenever I can, so here we go with one of my favorites, the vegan Raffaello.
Now I'm die hard for the real one, but since I cannot have any dairy, I had to find an alternative for this problem. Of...

 Hey lovely,

As a tradition in Budapest on the 1st of May, we have many events going on all around the city. For this special day normally they organize some airshows, Formula 1 test driving and they also fly the drivers to Budapest, mainly RedBull.This day is called In...

Hey lovely,

As I mentioned in the previous post, I went through a huge diet change in the past 2 months, which put everything into perspective and I would like to share my 'journey' with you since it might help someone who's having the same issue.
I also believe this af...

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